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(LEFT) HEATHER EIKENBERG  of Mena (with stepdad Larry Cates) and her 12-point buck, taken in Polk County this past season.  

ZACK WILLIS of Clarksville and his 8-point buck taken last fall in Johnson County. 

(LEFT) ANDREW POLK of Ward, AR with a 10-point buck he took on November 14.  

DALTON LORENZ of Dardanelle killed this big 10-point with his muzzleloader on October 18 in Yell County. 

(LEFT) BLAKE KEIRSEY of West Helena with his first bowkill and second buck of 08, this one an 8-point taken on White River NWR.  

(RIGHT) 12-year-old
HUNTER GREENE of Wynne with his 8-point Cross County crossbow buck.

(LEFT) BLAKE KEIRSEY of West Helena took this 280-pound 8-point buck on November 1 in Zone 17.  

CALEB ROBINSON of Lamar took this fine Johnson County 10-point buck on November 11.

(LEFT) 10-year-old PASHA LANE of Guy took this 8-point in the Shiloh Community near Arkadelphia on November 1.  

MADISON ADAMS of Harrisburg with her buck taken near Evening Shade during the 2008 youth hunt.

(LEFT) CODY GRIFFITH of Scranton took this big buck in Johnson County on November 2.  

RYAN BERNARD of Greenbrier took this big ol' buck during this year's youth hunt. 

(LEFT) DARBY BEASON with her second buck of the season, taken during her Thanksgiving break.

(RIGHT) JACKSON ADAMS of Melbourne with a black powder buck taken in Izard County.  

(LEFT) 8-year-old HANNAH MAULDIN of Texarkana with her first deer, taken down in Miller County.

(RIGHT) 8-year-old REID MOBLEY took this 8-point buck down in Ouachita County.  

(LEFT) 9-year-old HALEY WARD of Cushman with her buck taken during this year's youth hunt.

(RIGHT) NATHAN SPAKES of West Helena took this 8-point buck down in Cleveland County.   


(LEFT) DYLAN FITE of Poyen took this spike this season down in Dallas County; while his brother (RIGHT) BLAKE FITE killed this 4-point buck. 

(LEFT) WESLEY SIMMONS took this buck, his first, on opening morning of the 2008 youth hunt on the 3G Hunting Club near Delaware. 

(RIGHT) His sister
JODI SIMMONS (with club member Leslie Gorman) also took her first buck the same morning.

(LEFT) KRYSTA FRENCH of Alpena with her first buck, taken in Carroll County on opening morning of the youth hunt.

(RIGHT) MICHAEL BARNER of Bearden took this buck on opening morning while hunting with his uncle, Chad Weatherley of Fordyce. 

(LEFT) KELLIE DIEDERICH of Austin, AR with her 8-point buck, taken on November 1 in Prairie County.

(RIGHT) JARED FLEMENS with his 6-point Polk County buck taken during the youth hunt on November 2. 

(LEFT) 9-year-old KAMI TEAGUE of Calico Rock with her second deer of the year (see the other one below), taken on November 1.

(RIGHT) PEYTON WEBB of Austin, AR shot this big 7-point, which tipped the scales at 170 pounds, on November 2 during the state youth hunt. 

(LEFT) JORDAN RUTLEDGE of Clarksville with his 2008 Johnson County black powder buck!

(RIGHT) DARBY BEASON from Booneville took this heavy-bodied ol' buck during the muzzleloader hunt.

(LEFT) 6-YEAR-OLD TREVOR MOORE of Ozark with his first buck, an 8-point, taken in Zone 6.

(RIGHT) BRYCE CARTER from Barton with his Jefferson County youth hunt buck, taken opening morning.

(LEFT) BRITTANY WALKER of Grannis with her very first buck, a nice Polk County 10-point!

(RIGHT) 8-year-old GRACE WEATHERLEY from Conway with her doe taken on Kentucky Refuge. 

(LEFT) 8-year-old MAGGIE McGEE of Star City with her 8-point bowkill, taken down in Lincoln County on October 2.

(RIGHT) 9-year-old KAMI TEAGUE from Calico Rock with her first bow kill, taken on October 4.  




(RIGHT) DALE HARP of Farmington took this 167 1/8 B&C 10-point in western Johnson County last season.

(LEFT) ROBERT WHITEHORN of Little Flock, AR took this 191 6/8 non-typical in Benton County during this past rifle season. 


(RIGHT) A 10-point buck taken by DONNIE YOUNGBLOOD in Polk County on November 8.  

(LEFT) DAVIS SMITH of White Hall took this tremendous 209 0/8 non-typical buck with modern gun while hunting in Phillips County. 


(RIGHT) TONY BEARD of Poyen with a big Montgomery County buck he took on opening morning of gun season. 

(LEFT) JAKE OELS of Russellville with good-looking buck he took in Johnson County on November 16. 


(RIGHT) BRENT WRIGHT  of El Dorado with a long-tined Bradley County buck taken on November 14. 

(LEFT) TODD CHAPMAN of Wynne with a 13-point shotgun buck he took in Cross County on November 16.   


(RIGHT) LYNN WRIGHT of Hilo with a 9-point buck killed near Hermitage in Bradley County on December 28. 

(LEFT) MARK FULMER of Arkadelphia with his bull-necked Canadian monster. They grow'em big up north!   


(RIGHT) GREAT PIC! MATT and SHELBY HANCOCK with a 9-point buck they killed down in Prairie County on November 16. 

(LEFT) JERRY NIPPER from Malvern with a good Nevada County buck he harvested on November 9 (check out the eye guards on this one).   



(RIGHT) BRITTANY HUBBARD from Marvell and the big 8-point buck she took on November 9 in Lee County.  

(LEFT) JAYSON FLUD of Deer with the heavy-horned 9-point he took this season up in Newton County.   


(RIGHT) JON BEVANS of Little Rock with monster buck he took up in Illinois during their 3-day shotgun season. 

(LEFT) CPT ROBIN LOWERY and her second buck this season (see the other in the bow section). An Iraq War vet, Robin also took a doe with her muzzleloader, giving her the triple trophy during her first year of deer hunting!   


(RIGHT) WAYNE FRYE of Foreman with a big 7-point harvested November 16 down in Little River County. 

(LEFT) COLBY CREASEY with his first buck of the season (see the second below), taken on November 10 in Woodruff County.    


(RIGHT) RICKY KING of Dumas with an 11-point buck taken November 26 on the Star City Hunting Club in Lincoln County.  

(LEFT) FRANK FOSTER with a 174 2/8 B&C typical buck taken on November 10 down in Polk County.     


(RIGHT) COLBY CREASEY  of McCrory with his 8-point buck taken on November 22 in Woodruff County. 

(LEFT) JERRY LINDLEY of Wynne with a 7-point shotgun buck taken November 9 in Cross County.    


(RIGHT) ZACH KOLLER of Texarkana with his first buck, a Lafayette County 7-point taken Nov. 15.

(LEFT) Former Arkie CHRIS EUBANKS with a big ol' roman-nosed buck he took this season near his home in Kirksey, KY.  


(RIGHT) CINDY HOLLAND of Hagarville with a good Johnson County buck, her first, taken on opening day.

(LEFT) RYAN ROGERS (on right) and cousin MATT HANCOCK with a 10-point buck taken on 11-15 down in Prairie County.  


(RIGHT) RICHARD KING of Dumas took this big Lincoln County buck opening day on the Star City Hunting Club.

(LEFT) MICHAEL BARRE of Conway with a 9-point buck taken November 8 on Cache River NWR. 



(RIGHT) ELLIS PARKER of Mayflower took this brute near Meadow Lake in Saskatchewan.

(LEFT) DWAYNE WEATHERLEY of Conway with a 10-point buck near Meadow Lake.  



(RIGHT) LARRY PINKERTON of Little Rock with his Canadian bruiser taken near Meadow Lake.

(LEFT) GARY PINKERTON of Little Rock took this buck on the same hunt.  



(RIGHT) JAMES DANIEL of Rogers with a big crossbow buck taken up in Benton County on December 6. 

(LEFT) MIKE CRISP with his first bowkill! The big 16-point was taken November 29 near Maddox Bay on White River NWR. 


(RIGHT) CLAY BASSHAM of Wynne with a b-i-g Cross County bowkill taken on November 20.

(LEFT) JOSH NEWLAND of Greenbrier killed this high-racked buck up in Bourbon County, KS on November 3rd.


KALEE BEASON of Booneville made it home from college in time to take this 2008 bowkill buck! 

(LEFT) BRIAN ROBERTSON of Drasco, AR took this nice main-frame 10-point with lots of stickers on December 11. 


(RIGHT) JEREMY LINDLEY of Wynne with his second Cross County bowkill of the season (see the other below).

(LEFT) ANDY LEWIS of Lavaca (pictured along with son Jordan) killed this nice 8-point crossbow buck on October 20.


ONATHAN WILCOX took this unique buck in Yell County on October 11.

(LEFT) JOSH HERRINGTON of Colorado Springs, CO took this buck, his first bowkill, on St. Francis WMA on November 26. 


MARCUS TROYER took this big 8-point bowkill down in Lawrence County.

(LEFT) ROBERT BROCK of Swifton took this heavy 8-point buck down in Jackson County on November 26.   


ADAM BEASON from Booneville has a pretty good year going! He took the buck on the right here in Arkansas on November 1; the bruiser on the left up in Kansas on November 15.


BRIAN SPRADLING of Ozark traveled to Kansas to arrow this 267-pound monster.

(LEFT) DAVID GLOVER of Hamburg took this long-tined beauty as it chased a doe in Sevier County on October 28.   


GREG CAIN of Russellville with a good Logan County bow buck taken on October 28.

(LEFT) MR. JOHN ANDREWS of Wynne with a 9-point Cross County crossbow kill taken November 5.  



(RIGHT) JEFF HANDLEY of Bryant with a massive 7-point Kansas bowkill. 

(LEFT) DANNY NICHOLS of Monticello with an 8-point Kansas archery buck. Both these bucks were taken on public land.    


of Trumann with this nice 11-point buck taken in Poinsett County on October 1.

(LEFT) WILL BEASON of Booneville is having a good year! He took this beautiful buck on October 28.  


LARRY JONES  of Forrest City with his 8-point crossbow buck, taken on October 2.

(LEFT) JEREMY LINDLEY of Wynne with a good-looking 10-point Cross County bowkill taken on October 6.  


IGHT) WILL BEASON of Booneville with a 480-pound bruin taken this season.

(LEFT) CPT ROBIN LOWERY, an Iraq war vet currently stationed at Camp Robinson, with her first deer, a huge 6-point taken on October 5. Congratulations Robin!  



DWAYNE WEATHERLEY of Conway with a long-tined muzzleloader buck taken on Kentucky Refuge. 

(LEFT) DARVIN YOUNGBLOOD with a big 10-point buck taken on the Flat Rock Hunting Club down in southwest Arkansas. 


(LEFT) DWAYNE WEATHERLEY of Conway with his second muzzleloader buck taken on Kentucky Refuge. 

(RIGHT) BRANDON FRENCH of Alpena with big-time buck taken on the first day of muzzleloader season up in Carroll County. 


DONNA STEWMON  with her first deer ever, a nice Saline County buck taken on 10-19-80. Congratulations Donna!  

(LEFT) AMBER BRANNON of Pottsville with her first buck, taken in Pope County on 10-18-08. Congratulations Amber! 


FELICIA SHELL from Hot Springs and her 8-point black powder kill taken on opening day.  

(LEFT) PHILLIP SEVIER of Texarkana with an Iowa mega-buck taken on the second day of the early muzzleloader season.  


B.J. YOUNG  from Walnut Ridge and RICKEY BUIE from Marvell with a pair of bucks taken on White River NWR during the black powder permit hunt. 

(LEFT) BOB ROBERTSON of Jonesboro with the Sharp County black powder buck he took Saturday morning. 

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