If you want to see the Biggest Natural State Bucks of All Time...THERE'S ONLY ONE PLACE TO SEE THEM
Traveling Big Buck Display

"This display is as impressive as any you will see anywhere" - Dick Idol, nationally-known big buck authority.

"Arkansas' #1 Hunting Attraction" - Steve Bowman-ESPN Outdoors
   At many major events there is one display that every deer hunter in the audience is drawn to. Grown men stand open-mouthed, their eyes shining like a child looking at candy, staring up at whitetails that until that moment existed only in their dreams!!!

Last year the Monster Whitetails traveling display was viewed by more than 125,000 people while attending events in five different states!


(LEFT) Wherever they go (shown at left at the 2011 Arkansas Big Buck Classic in Little Rock) the 'Monsters' are always one of the prime attractions. The display itself is a lasting tribute to the hunters that took these impressive animals and an effective advertisement for outdoor pursuits in the state of Arkansas as well!





(RIGHT) The addition of the self-contained trailer display in 2001 gave even more people the opportunity to see Arkansas' biggest bucks of all time. The heads are now shown at numerous Arkansas festivals, fairs, and other outdoor events.

Though those shown below are the most recognizable, there are now some 20 bucks that are part of the Monster Whitetails collection. This means that the heads can be interchanged for different shows, and are rotated as part of the trailer display.

THOMAS SPARKS ARKANSAS STATE RECORD TYPICAL (at right) This buck scores 189 0/8 Boone & Crockett points, is the Arkansas State Record typical, and is also the second-largest typical ever killed by a hunter in the Southeastern region.


The monster non-typical (pictured at left) nets 215 4/8 non-typical Pope & Young points, and until 1998 was the South’s largest bowkill of all time.

THE LONNIE COPELAND 'WORLD RECORD 8-POINT Yes, this buck does actually have twelve points. But four of those are deductions, so the head’s net typical score is derived entirely from EIGHT scorable points (the #2 buck actually has nine points; the #3 ten). Recently re-scored at 185 7/8 points, the Copeland rack actually beats the #2 head by more than four inches.

Killed in the fall of 1986, at 223 1/8 net B&C points this Arkansas monster is the WORLD'S #2 CROSSBOW KILL! With an inside spread of 28 4/8 inches, 30-inch main beams, and 14-inch brow tines, this Cross County mega-buck is truly one of a kind. 

In 1998 the Henry Thurlkill ‘MEDUSA BUCK’ was recognized by Buckmasters as being the #1 whitetail in the world in percentage of non-typical antler (98.1%)! By the way, Medusa was a figure in Greek mythology. She offended the goddess Athena, who transformed her hair into writhing snakes.


This 27-pointer (seventeen on the right; ten on the left) was taken in Prairie County in the fall of 1999 and scores a whopping 238 3/8 Boone & Crockett points!
That figure makes it the highest-scoring Arkansas buck of all time (typical or non-typical), and also ranks it #4 in the Southeastern region. It was the second-largest buck taken nationwide by gun during the 1999 season.

Those bucks highlighted above are the most well-known heads that are part of the Monster Whitetails display. But there are others equally impressive as well. 'STILL WALKING' is a mount made from a pair of matched sheds found up in Zone 4. They score well above B&C minimums, and he's still out there! The 'ARKANSAS ROAD KILL', a 30-inch wide monster hit and killed by a log truck near Wynne, one of only five bucks in the world with a legitimate 30-inch inside spread! How about 'GOLIATH', an Arkansas buck that had a dressed weight of 323 pounds-making him over 400 pounds on the hoof! Or the beautiful 'BONES BUCK', taken by a 14-year-old boy! 'WHITE RIVER' the first B&C buck ever taken on that famed NWR, way back in 1965. The Monster Whitetails are Arkansas hunting history at it's finest, and the list is endless!

1,100 MILES FROM HOME! The Monsters attended the Colorado Outdoor Expo held in Colorado Springs!
(that's Pike's Peak in the background)

There are two options where renting the Monster Whitetails display is concerned:

THE TRAILER DISPLAY - consists of a total of (8) heads, which are displayed within the trailer itself. The trailer can be pulled onto any flat space a minimum of (12) feet wide x (24) feet in length. Since there is far less set-up, the trailer display costs less than the show display, which is set up inside. It will always contain at least (3) of the current state record deer, and 110 volt electricity is required. 

THE INSIDE DISPLAY - consists of (12) heads, which are set up on free-standing pedestals inside your facility. As many as (6) of the current state record deer will be included. The inside display requires a flat space (10) feet wide x (40) linear feet long. Due to set-up costs, it is more expensive than the trailer display, but is very impressive when viewed. 110-volt electricity is again required.

The Monster Whitetails are now booking for the 2010-11 season. We make every effort to keep our costs as low as possible, and various plans are available to help you save money. But available dates are limited, so if you would like to give your customers a look at some of the South's finest whitetails of all time, contact-

or e-mail