(LEFT) AARON JOLIFF of Bella Vista with his northwest Arkansas bowkill buck.

(RIGHT) LEE WALT of Dumas with a bruiser 8-point bowkill taken down in Lincoln County.


(LEFT) SFC SEAN HELD (on the right with host Matt Hancock) came all the way from Georgia to take this Prairie County buck on November 19.

(RIGHT) MARTIN FRALEY of Marion killed this big 9-point with his bow in Lee County on December 9.


(LEFT) RONNIE CARTWRIGHT took this big buck on December 2 up near Greenland.

(RIGHT) DUSTIN BECK of Dover with a 10-point archery buck he took this season down in Pope County.


(LEFT) CLAYTON FISHER of Stuttgart took this big-time buck in Monroe County on November 17 as it chased a doe.

(RIGHT) BOBBY HARRIS of Hot Springs took his 10-point In Calhoun County on November 14.


DANNY PHILLIPS of Hot Springs has a pretty good stand somewhere down in Garland County. He took the 22-inch wide 8-point on the right on November 17; then took the 11-point on the left from the same stand on November 20. 


RON STEWART of Romance with a nice 8-point he took November 29 on his farm in Lonoke County.

(RIGHT) TOMMY KING of Garner took this 160-class gun kill buck on November 13 in White County. 


GARY BELL of Pine Bluff took this 8-point bowkill in Jefferson County on November 16.

(RIGHT) TRAVIS HOGREFE of Clarksville took this 10-point buck down in Pope County on November 29. 


BEN GARDNER of Chugiak, Alaska came a long way to take this 10-point buck in Independence County on November 14.

(LEFT) KYLE SCHIERHOLT also of Chugiak and hunting in Independence County, took this 8-point buck two days earlier. 

HEATHER EIKENBERG of Mena (along with dad Larry Cates) and the two bucks she killed on November 16 in Polk County.

(RIGHT) JULIE FRANKS (along with husband Steve) and the 10-point Julie took up in Greene County. It was her first deer.


(LEFT) ADAM CHRISMAN of Clarksville with a good non-typical buck taken here in Johnson County this gun season.

(RIGHT) MICHAEL BOYES of Russellville with his 2011 bowkill, taken on October 13.



(LEFT) MARK TOBEY of Hartford took this buck over in OK on October 31.

(RIGHT) DUSTIN TOBEY took his up in Sebastian County on October 19.



(LEFT) JASON MADDOX with a bruiser 8-point killed in Arkansas County on November 17.

(RIGHT) LANE CARGER with another good 4x4 taken on November 17 in White County.



(LEFT) DAN ALSTON of Fayetteville took this 9-point on October 1 up in Washington County.

(RIGHT) LEONARD PASINSKI of Greenwood with his impressive 2011 crossbow buck.



(LEFT) BEN IVERSON of Hot Springs with a great 9-point black powder kill taken October 29 in Hot Spring County.  

(RIGHT) PAUL WILLIAMS of Hot Springs with a BIG Ouachita Mountains 6-point taken in Montgomery County on Nov 12.



(LEFT) KENN YOUNG with an Ozark Mountains buck taken on November 16.  

(RIGHT) BRENDA DAVIS of Harrison with her Pope County muzzleloader buck taken on October 30.


DALE McCULLOUGH of Fayetteville took this 8-point buck in Washington County on November 8.

(RIGHT) SYDNEY McCAIN of Greenwood with her 9-point taken in Franklin County on December 3.


CODY MAYFIELD of Lamar took this 8-point in Johnson County on November 28.

(RIGHT) KATHY HOFFNAGLE with her first deer, an 8-point taken in Faulkner County.


LYNN KING of Dumas with an 8-point buck she took on Nove 20 at the Star City Hunt Club in Drew County.

(RIGHT) BRIAN FRACHISEUR of Grannis eased across the border to take this wide buck in McCurtain County OK on October 30.


GARRETT WIDDERS of Alma with his 9-point bowkill taken in Franklin County on October 16.  

(RIGHT) CURTIS ROBINSON of Friendship AR and his grandson NATE BOSWELL of Benton took these two deer down in Hot Spring County.



(LEFT) RICKY KING of Dumas with a big 8-point muzzleloader kill taken down in Lincoln County on October 28.  

(RIGHT) Arkansas Bear & Buck Journal editor CLAY NEWCOMB of Fayetteville with his Washington County bowkill, taken on October 21.


(LEFT) RYAN ROGERS of Scranton with a nice bull elk he took this fall.  

(RIGHT) TRAVIS RUTLEDGE of Clarksville with a Johnson County buck he took on opening day of the 2011 season.



(LEFT) KARRIE CORTER and her husband RANDY of Carlisle both took bucks on October 8 in Baxter County.  

Karrie's was an 8-point crossbow kill (her first) while Randy took his 4x4 with a compound bow.


(LEFT) SHANNON SCHMIDLY with a Kansas buck he took on December 8...  

...and with a good Sebastian County bowkill he took this season.


TODD HUDMAN of Poplar Grove with a black coyote he killed in Phillips County on November 26.
KARL BULLARD of Alma killed this antelope near Fairburn, SD on October 2.


(LEFT) DERRICK PLEDGER of Clarksville with a chocolate fallow buck taken with his bow on December 28. 

Brother BAILEY PLEDGER took his fallow on December 23. He was hunting a ranch in Jim Wells County.


(LEFT) DERRICK PLEDGER with a traditional fallow buck he took with gun on December 22. 

(RIGHT) Dad PAUL PLEDGER with a non-typical whitetail buck taken in Jim Wells County on December 22.


(RIGHT) Both boys also connected on Texas whitetails, BAILEY on the right; DERRICK on the left. 

(LEFT) And wouldn't you know it, with no tags left this bruiser buck decided to walk across an opening!


(LEFT) KALEE BEASON and her brother ADAM of Booneville both took bears with their bows this fall. 

Adam took his 520-pound monster in Scott County; while Kalee's first bruin weighed in at 200 pounds.

AARON MELSON of Clarksville took this 8-point buck on opening morning of the 2011 youth hunt.    

(LEFT) LANCE HARVEY of Star City with a big non-typical that we likely will hear a lot more about at the AR Big Buck Classic!     


KOY WILLIAMS of Morrilton took this buck Saturday during the youth hunt.    

(LEFT) GRAVES SCHMIDLY took his buck on November 6 down in Bradley County.    


(RIGHT) 11-year-old
HALLIE CARGER took her first 'racked' buck on opening day down in Calhoun County.   

(LEFT) 8-year-old SHELBY JO HANCOCK took this 9-point, her first buck, on November 5 down in Prairie County.    

TY McFADDEN of McCrory took this buck with his muzzleloader in Woodruff County on December 29.    

(RIGHT) 10-year-old JACKSON CLARK of Boxley took this bull elk during this year's Arkansas elk hunt!     

NICKLAUS FISHER of Bryant took this buck in Garland County on his very first hunt using a 20-gauge shotgun.    

(LEFT) CALEB LEWALLEN of Cabot took this 17-point on November 12 down in Desha County.    


(LEFT) GRANT SCHWARTZ of Russellville with a buck he took on November 6 over in Logan County. 

(RIGHT) Young JAKE BELL from Mabank killed this buck down in Jefferson County on November 19.    


(LEFT) GRACE WEATHERLEY of Conway with her first muzzleloader deer, taken on Kentucky Refuge in Saline County. 

(RIGHT) 13-year-old CODY GRIFFITH of Scranton took this 10-point on November 16 over in Logan County.    


(RIGHT) 9-year-old
AUSTIN BROOME of Lonoke took this buck in Perry County during this year's youth hunt.    

(LEFT) 12-year-old CALEB GIFFORD of Leola took this 6-point on the second day of the youth hunt in Grant County.    

BEN SCOFIELD of Cotter took this doe on November 16 in White Rock WMA.    

(LEFT) 10-year-old KELLI JOHNSTON of El Dorado took this big 9-point on opening morning of the 2011 youth hunt.    

BRIAN (on left) and ETHAN PITTS of Perry took their deer on November 6 less than 100 yards apart in Winona WMA.    

(LEFT) 10-year-old CHANCE FOWLER of Danville took an 8-point AND a 6-point on opening morning over in Logan County.    

DILLON WOOD of N. Little Rock killed his first deer, this 10-point taken on 11/13 down in Dallas County.    

(LEFT) 8-year-old JUSTUS BEST of Malvern also took his first deer, this spike taken on the second day of the youth hunt in Grant County.    

BROOKS BIAS of White Hall took his first deer on December 14 down in Jefferson County.  

(RIGHT) One day later, on the 15th, his brother GRANT BIAS took his first deer, also in Jefferson County.     

HADEN REYNOLDS of Cabot with his first deer, a 5-point killed on November 12 in Jefferson County.    

(LEFT) TREVOR MOORE with a 4-point buck taken in Franklin County during the youth hunt.    


WESLEY SIMMONS of Atkins with a doe taken the first day of the 2011 youth hunt.    

(RIGHT) 12-year-old TYLER LaFONT of Arkadelphia with his buck also taken in Clark County.    


(RIGHT) 9-year-old
MAX DUNN of Russellville with the 7-point buck he took opening day with his new Remington 700 .243.    

(LEFT) 13-year-old KENNY MILLER of Atkins with a buck killed on the 3G Hunting Club in Logan County.    

DARBY BEASON of Booneville didn't wait long to take her first buck of the year, scoring on opening day!    

(LEFT) 12-year-old GRAVES SCHMIDLY (along with proud dad Shannon) and Graves first deer. Taken up in Sebastian County.    


ZACK WILLIS of Lamar with his bowkill buck taken on the opening day of the 2011 season.    

(LEFT) PARKER SCHMIDLY with her first muzzleloader buck, taken on October 30 in Sebastian County.    

JORDAN RUTLEDGE of Clarksville with his buck taken the second day of bow season.    

(LEFT) JACKSON ADAMS of Harrisburg with his 8-point muzzleloader buck, his first, taken October 22 in Izard County.    

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